Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An update from Dr Shivani

Dear George

I cannot explain the unsuccessful attempt. However this is the problem with IVF and indeed even someone with perfect fertility trying naturally, it doesnt always click the first time round

Yes its good that you have frozen embryos so that we can move forward
Anu was also very sad, this meant a lot to her
I recommend trying with her again, she is quet sincere with treatment and her response was good in terms of the endometrial lining

It is disappointing to get an unsuccessful outcome but all I can tell you is that once you are successful its very easy to put all this behind you

So think positive!

Thank you for the stunning flowers, they were fresh for 10 days which is amazing!

I will inform you once she gets her period -- we will start on the second day of her cycle

Best wishes
Dr Shivani

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