Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Progress update

Shilpi emailed me with the latest update of Eros & Elektra
Elektra is gaining faster then Eros. Eros is also gaining but not like Elektra
Both are tolerating their feed.
They are maintaining body temperature.
They have no Apenea / Bradycardia Episodes

They seem to have met all milestones except for the suckling reflex that should be met sometime in the coming week or so

I just cant wait to be re united with my children and ultimately bring them home

Thanks again to Dr Shivani, Shilpi & Dolly,
and also the amazing team looking after them

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Im sitting here waiting for my flight to board and all i can think of is Eros & Elektra left behind,
This visit has been so bitter sweet, surreal a blur.
Im so grateful for the amazing support ive had from Dr Shivani, Shilpi, Dolly & the amazing team that has given me the gift of fatherhood, i am a parent, father, my life now belongs to Eros & Elektra.
A Huge thank you to all the people all over this world that has been my support from the start, it humbles me to think that so many people in so many countries have my children in their prays and thoughts, You all will be with me all my life.

Some say it takes good parents to bring up children, others say a village,
I know i don't only have a village i have a multitude of people in many cities, villages, countries all over the world.

G x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Video Of Eros & Elektra



My children are in the only level 5 NICU unit in north india due to them being so premature, this unit does nothing else but care for preemie babies, no birthing no nothing else but the highest level of care for these pre term babies.

The unit is very busy and small so time spent is minimal, i got to hold them for a few minutes, it is too risky to handle them too much as the babies immune system is low.
All i can really do is look at them, and saying that im only in the way of the doctors and nurses doing what they have to do.
There is nothing else i can do at this stage and it will be like that for another few months.
After a discussion with the doctors it is considered best i go back home and put all my faith and trust in the doctors to do what is best for Eros & Elektra.

This saddens me greatly but they are in good hands, and me being stuck in an apartment for the next few months with limited contact will drive me crazy.
Being so helpless, what i have mentioned above and the unit being so far away from anything its unrealistic i can be with them for more than a few minutes at a time every few days.

Not all babies will need this kind of care, each baby will have different requirements and level of care, some may spend a few days in NICU others weeks, it all depends on how early they come and what care they need.
Eros & Elektra were born the same time but required different levels of care and treatment, they are progressing amazingly well considering they were born at 29 weeks.

Dr Shivani's team of Doctors and staff are wonderful, Shilpi and Dolly have been amazing.
I cant wait for this time to pass and have my beautiful Son & Daughter home with me.
Till then i have utmost trust in the amazing people that are looking after them.
My heart and soul will be separated from my body in two different countries 1000s of kilometers apart.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Elektra cried when i walked into the room
She opened her eyes and looked straight at me
she has the darkest eyes
Eros was so relaxed
He held my finger but kept his eyes closed
just stretched up his legs and then crossed them
They have a long way to go but doing well
They will be in NICU for about another 12 weeks

Eros how cute is that foot 
Elektra crying as i hold her cradled in a nappy
Eros he is long and lanky 
Eros totally chilled like his dad ( well usually )
Elektra opening her eyes
Elektra wearing a preemie nappy as she lay in a standard nappy
Eros holding onto my finger
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally we have takeoff !

Baby wipes Check!
Baby clothes Check!
Wraps Check!
Formula Check!
Paper work kinda Check!
Accommodation Check!
Flights at %#@$*$ last Check!
Airport transfer Check!
Sanity ..... Pass!

Land in Delhi monday
bolt to the hospital my feet never touching the ground
i want to feel my children in my arms!
And get them back home as soon as possible!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

No More C-pap

Eros & Elektra are off the C-pap ! YaY!
Elektra is under an oxygen hood but doing well
They are both still fed via tube 
still yet to master the suckling reflex

Its amazing how quick they are responding
Dr Shivani and all the wonderful staff looking after my son & daughter
And everyone all over the world for their prayers,good thoughts & wishes
G x

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Little Girl

Good News !
Had her blood transfusion 
Is now off 
And on C-pap
My Daughter is 
breathing on her own !
thanks everyone all over the world
 for your positive thoughts and prayers

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The latest update is:

Eros is off the vetillator and on something called C pap -- which means that he is breathing on his own,

and also given some liquids by mouth

Elektra is going to need blood tranfusion today so one of Dr Shivani's staff will be going to donate blood and is till on the ventilator ( truly amazing of her) 
Elektra is on feeding by intravenous fluids -- not strong enough for oral feeds

Dr Shivani's words:
They are really in the best of care that can be provided to preterm newborns -- and are being looked at by consultants round the clock, not just junior resident doctors -- which is the speciality of DNC and also one to one nursing with very experienced nurses with the latest of techniques

So many people here are praying for them including my entire family and the staff of SCI.

i cant thank Dr Shivani and her team enough

my wonderful surrogate was upset that she couldn't carry to full term,
she is is well and will be discharged tomorrow 

thanks so much for everyone here on this forum for there support 
and also the wonderful Dr Shivani and her great staff


Here are the only pics i have of Eros and Elektra
Eros born 800 grams
Elektra born 840 grams
they are stable at the moment
i hope and pray they thrive real fast
Im waiting for my visa to come so i can get over to see them
feel so helpless here half way round the world
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Born 10:02 & 10:03 pm
5th June
more details to come