Thursday, December 31, 2009


Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come
And may it come knocking at your door

May 2010
be filled with 
life - joy + diapers 
G x

Monday, December 28, 2009


Aisha is well and doing a great job looking after herself and taking meds on time, 
Although she has been severely nauseated
She has been given anti emetics and will know how she is coping this week, 
She will be assessed for the   admission and intravenous meds

Next scan is in 2 weeks

Twin 1: heart rate 126 Bpm
CRL 3mm corresponding to 6 weeks

Twin 2: heart rate 132 Bpm
CRL 2mm corresponding to 5 weeks 5 days

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas day i woke up early 
had to write a few cards, make sure a dessert i prepared was ok,
and wrap a few presents
Drove to my parents house for christmas lunch
And had a wonderful day with the family
I came back home about 5pm and sat on the couch with my laptop,
Pressed the start button, 
I needed to send a few emails to international friends.
Next thing i know i was woken up at 7.30 pm by the door bell
I totally crashed out 
no emails were sent
i didn't even recall seeing the screen start up
At the door was my neighbor  asking if i had any news,
After a little chat  and no real news to tell I came back into the house 
to the sound of my mobile notifying me of yet another SMS
thought to myself another generic Christmas greeting lol.

i retrieved the message
A note from Dr Shivani

I called Dr Shivani
laughing & wanting to cry as i asked a few questions
she laughed with me 


What a Christmas present.
It has been the best christmas of my life
full of
and ultimate
i am the happiest man in the world !

Thursday, December 24, 2009


wishing all a wonderful christmas
and may your dreams become reality 

Friday, December 18, 2009


well defined gestational sac, the yoke sac and embryo are not seen at present.

Decidual reaction is adequate.

The sac measures 5mm which corresponds to 4 weeks & 3 days

interpretation please anyone ? 
im lost lol

i pray i get a heartbeat 

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yet another hurdle cleared !

Dr Shivani just called to advise me that

1 fetal sac was detected


Christmas Day will either be my life's BEST!....or...

  well lets not go there

Dr Shivani will perform a Fetal Doppler test to detect a heartbeat

in 1 week
and results ill get 

please please please let it go full term 

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Just got a call from Dr Shivani
Congratulations Pregnancy confirmed !
First Beta count of 291.40
next scan in 1 week

im jumping for joy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pee Pee Teepee

Changing baby is not all glitz and glory
Changing a baby boy is another horror story!
You hold his feet with one hand
and the diaper with the other
The whole time praying
Please don't pee on your father!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2nd FET attempt

The embryo transfer was done last night 28th Nov 09
I had 12 embryos frozen at 4 cell stage
6 embryos were thawed & remaining 6 remain in storage
Of these, 5 survived the thaw which is an excellent survival rate
4 of good quality grade I to II and all 4 cell were transferred 

The transfer was straight forward with no complications
The Endometrial thickness was 11.5 mm which is excellent

Pregnancy test on the 9th Dec 09


i hope it all works well this time and progresses well with no complications

thanks Dr Shivani

Friday, November 20, 2009

we have a date with a laser !

embryo transfer will happen Monday 23rd November 09

and will be assisted by laser hatching

Assisted hatching is a technique which is used in IVF. It involves thinning the coat surrounding a fertilized egg or making a hole in it. This may improve the chances of the embryo getting implanted into the uterus.

       The most commonly used assisted hatching method is laser assisted hatching. In this method small holes are made in the zona using a micromanipulator.

then the dreaded 2 week wait 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Riding a roller-coaster

As most know my first fresh egg transfer turned out to be a negative,

2nd FET
  my surrogate Anu started a long down regulation protocol, 
She has unfortunately developed an ovarian cyst on the down regulation meds (about one in 4 women will develop a cyst)

Dr Shivani suggested we try a new surrogate ( Seema) who ive been told would win an endometrial lining contest if there was one, 
and thats what we need

New contracts etc etc


Is ready for her FET embryo transfer this week, her lining is 10 mm and trilaminar in appearance which is good-- it will be done around the 20th Nov 09

12 embryos frozen that need to thaw 


Plan to use laser assisted embryo hatching 

I feel like ive been on the ride above for the past few weeks


About to take it for a ride again just after a HUGE lunch
Im sure others who have gone before me or who are in the process now can relate 

im not sure how i feel 

excitedly happy
anxiously thrilled

Im glad knowing its all in good hands
thanks Dr Shivani

now please someone hand me a paper bag lol

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ZING Launch your lunch

why didn't they have these when i was a kid?

Monday, November 2, 2009

2nd attempt with FET (frozen egg transfer)

Just spoke to Dr Shivani

Anu (my surrogate) finally got her period and is now taking the long protocol treatment (whatever that means)

Dr Shivani said it was a better treatment and Anu was ok with the extra injections

Egg transfer later this month YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

i pray it works this time


Friday, October 30, 2009

Product of the week

Gavin Coultrip

Get the kids to do the cleaning with this broom/hobby horse
            made from poplar, birch plywood and coco
     Adult size 140cm x 25cm. Child size 95cm x 25cm

              I want the adult size for myself

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dr Shivani update

Anu has not got her period yet, I will be seeing her Sunday (1/11/09) -- hopefully she will have got her period by then
If not then can always start an alternate surrogate mother, will let you know
Tentatively I have planned embryo transfer around 25th November 2009

i will call Dr Shivani after Anu has gone for her checkup and discuss the above and see what she advises

Just for fun

Incredibox is a interactive website that allows users to mix their own beatboxes using the skilled sounds of The Incredible Polo. The website is fun and super simple to use. You just drag and drop the types of sounds on the the beatboxer's t-shirt to add to the mix. Click on any of the beatboxers to remove their sound. The end effect is really enjoyable to experience ...... just click on Just for fun link bellow the image.
Just for fun

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It pays the bills

It pays the bills

Just a few pics of some of the work i do

For those that don't know me i am an interior architect/designer,

Also design lighting and furniture & dabble as photographer & stylist

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nervously waiting

Yesterday i wired payment for my second attempt

Using a Frozen embryo transfer

12 Embryos were frozen and usually there is a drop during thawing

Lets hope i don't loose too many incase i need to try a 3rd attempt

Anu (my surrogate) is still awaiting her period so procedure may commence (any day now)

Had some good news regarding my friend Jason, a single fetal sack was detected CONGRATULATIONS!

And Meg's 15 eggs WOW! CONGRATS as well

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An update from Dr Shivani

Dear George

I cannot explain the unsuccessful attempt. However this is the problem with IVF and indeed even someone with perfect fertility trying naturally, it doesnt always click the first time round

Yes its good that you have frozen embryos so that we can move forward
Anu was also very sad, this meant a lot to her
I recommend trying with her again, she is quet sincere with treatment and her response was good in terms of the endometrial lining

It is disappointing to get an unsuccessful outcome but all I can tell you is that once you are successful its very easy to put all this behind you

So think positive!

Thank you for the stunning flowers, they were fresh for 10 days which is amazing!

I will inform you once she gets her period -- we will start on the second day of her cycle

Best wishes
Dr Shivani

yes a single want to be dad!

Ok from the start without rambling on all the details

looked into adoption many years ago ... doors closed

looked into co parenting here in Australia ..... too many legal issues

looked into surrogacy in the US and Canada ...... to many legal issues & very expensive

Was put onto the surrogacy process in India about a year ago by a client of mine and the journey begun

Months and months of research, questions, educating myself, trawling the internet and discovered a wealth of information

Joined a few surrogacy forums some great some not so great

asked many questions, sent many a email internationally and just as many phone calls

got in touch with quite a few Hospitals, clinics, and a few medical tourism agencies

received contracts and info from most

a few months ago i settled with the services of Dr Shivani at Phoinix hospital in delhi

chose my egg donor (mother of 2)
29 year old who gave me 26 eggs 16 of which were A grade

Flew to india with a dear friend of mine Vicki and also another friend Jason doing the same

transfered 4 embryos into my 29 year old surrogate (mother of 2 widow)
a perfect text book procedure

THE DREDED 2 WEEK WAIT........................

sad to say my first attempt turned out to be a negative result

12 embryos left

now waiting on advice from Dr Shivani

i hope to try again in the next few weeks