Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well here we are at Ten weeks

Twin 1
H R: 129 Bpm
CRL: 27 mm corresponds to 9 weeks 4 days

Twin 2
HR: 138 Bpm
CRL: 29 mm corresponds to 9 weeks 6 days

And here they are together :)

It seems they have fallen back a few days
and heart rate a little slower 
but that may be due to activity and time of day

i hope all continues well 
i want to start shopping lol


Mary said...

Wow that is some lovely pictures!
We are keeping our thumbs up and fingers crossed for you.

crystal said...

This is great news! Good heart beats as well.

Will and Michael said...

Fingers crossed that things progress uneventfully for the next 30 weeks!!! you are officially 1/4 of the way there....

Will and Michael said...
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George said...

thanks all
Dr said they are due around the 28th of july
27 weeks to go
twins usually come 3 weeks early


Johnny and Darren said...

Gosh ten weeks has FLOWN by quickly!

Both look beautiful!

jojo said...

I'm so happy everything is going really well for you. They both look snug as bugs in there. May the good news keep coming!


tjudle said...

Love the side-by-side scan. Instant siblings and hopefully best friends to be. All is well.