Sunday, February 21, 2010



Normal active & passive movements are seen.
The liquor is excessive ( common in twins )
Two placentas seen along anterior & posterior wall.
The placenta of the presenting twin is low lying 
with its tip close to internal os, grade O
Cervical length is 32 mm.
Internal os is closed and cervical canal not dilated.

Nasal bone seen
The fetal head shows normal ventricular system.
The posterior fossa is normal.
The fetal spine, limbs, cord insertion, 3 vessel cord,
 UB, stomach bubble show no obvious abnormality.

Approximate gestational age is 14 weeks and 2 days
BPD: 25 mm (14 weeks 2 days)
HC: 95 mm (14 weeks 3 days)
Nuchal lucency 1.8 mm

Approximate gestational age is 14 weeks 3 days
BPD: 26 mm (14 weeks 3 days)
HC: 95 mm (14 weeks 3 days)
Nuchal lucency 1.5 mm

Scans not very clear 
but can understand its getting a little squashy in there 


Will and Michael said...

All going to plan that is great!!

Jon said...

Are they doing the tsifteteli yet?

Mary said...

Lovely photos :-) I am so happy to hear that everything is going fine.

Take care

Johnny and Darren said...

Glad to see that everything is progressing as it should be G.

Wonderful news.

jojo said...

Everything looks spectacular! Well done, George. Well done twins!


Juliana said...

LOVE the pictures--oh my I am so excited for you!!!

OK I spent some time blog stalking yesterday on your blog and some other great surrogacy blogs. I am SUPPOSED to be taking a MUCH needed break from the internet but I found your blog and others yesterday and now am filled with hope!

I a now following your blog. I would love to read more and email/talk with you guys. I am going to be leaving similiar comments on some of the blogs in your little circle so do not think I am spamming you guys lol I am just trying to get as much info as I can. I have an almost 22 month old son, and cannot get pregnant again due to health issues. We cannot afford surrogacy costs, but then my mom told me about a documentary on TV about surrogacy in India. My husband and I are hoping to start the process very soon-I am reaching out to all you guys in hopes of finding out as much information as possible! Here is my latest blog about my situation...

I am SO thankful to have found your blogs and others like it and am now following--pop on by and follow back if you would like or feel free to email me anytime

You all have really given me hope...