Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ten weeks to go !
Babies are doing well
My surrogate is on permanent bed rest in hospital
due to placenta pervia and all its associated
I feel so bad for her and what she is going through 
Im forever grateful for what she has done for me
And will forever be in my thoughts
lets hope all is ok for the next ten weeks. 
The babies look like they will be born at 36 weeks
 if they and my surrogate can  hold out that long.
they are on the small side so they just might.
my surrogate will be given steroid injections to strengthen the babies lungs
what a roller coaster
full of mixed emotions 
Im also forever grateful to Dr Shivani's constant support and care.


Edward said...

Sorry to hear about the bed rest. We'll be thinking good thoughts to get your surro to 36 weeks! I believe that is considered 'full term' for twins!
Best of luck.

Amani said...

Oi? Third trimester??? OMG .. I know you are just behind us ...

Where the heck did time go???

babies for all!!!

George said...

spent on Dr Google lol

jojo said...

I'm sorry to hear your SM is not doing too well. My thoughts are with you all and I'll be praying that you make it to 36 weeks.

You've got to, because then I stand a chance of meeting you and your babies.


coco said...

don't worry 10 weeks will fly by and everyone will be up and around. you, your surrogate and the baby are all in good hands. keep us posted

tjudle said...

Bed rest? Bummer! Hope everything goes smoothly in the next 10 weeks. Happy 3rd trimester!

Doug R said...

Oh gosh, so sorry to hear about your surro and the bed rest. Thinking really good thoughts for everyone. Take care.

coco said...

just checking in on you to see how ya doing? sounds like alls quiet and uneventful and thats good news