Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well its been a while
Eros and Elektra are a little over 6 months old now and doing great
The pediatrician is amazed at the progress.
Elektra has learnt to roll ROLL ! lol
Like a log to wherever she wants to go, its hysterical watching her. 
 Eros sleeping
Elektra sleeping

Eros is still the totally chilled out little man.
They have become quite the celebrities wherever we go,
a trip to the supermarket has become an event, everyone wants to have a look and i must say im totally over all the questions.
Anyway, may you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year


coco said...

sooooo glad to hear from you. i always check to see if you've had a chance to write as i know how busy you are with the twins. eros and elektra have really grown and are they absolutely beautiful or what! get ready daddy you are going to have your hands full but it will all be so much fun. the very best to you and your family. merry christmas

Doug R said...

what a nice post and so good to hear from you. the kiddos are adorable! merry christmas!

Sarigirl said...

Hey George, Eros & Elektra, Merry xmas to you all. Beautiful photos of your adorable cherubs. Glad to hear all is going well with Eros & Elektra. Keep up the great work George! Kind regards Renee & Paul

Kerrie and Mark said...

I am in love with the pic of Elektra sleeping.

Mandy said...

Beautiful simply beautiful.

Cant wait to see Christmas pics of them!

Happy holidays!!

Amani (Meg) said...

They look wonderful. I was going through old pics yesterday to print grandma a Toby-brag book, and came across the pics where Toby was with E and E in Delhi and looked like a giant baby next to them. They were so small and precious - you're obviously do a great job with them, they are just thriving!