Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Wow where did this year go ?
I cant believe the year has gone past so quickly 
this time last year was  the hardest time of my life 
in total contrast to now
my two beautiful children have blessed me in so many ways
I cant even think of life without them
We had a little BIG FAT GREEK BIRTHDAY party
With immediate family, the godparents of Eros & Elektra and a few close friends.
Plenty of feasting then followed with Adriano Zumbas signature Chocolate V8 birthday cake, macaroons and others creations of his.

PS: happy birthday to Toby and Landon
may your life be full of much love and joy


Saul and Ula said...

Happy birthday E and E!
You are sooooooo cute!


Adam and Michael said...

Happy Birthday Eros and Elektra!! Seriously? A year!? My god that's gone so quick, i remember reading all of your posts and seeing photos of how tiny they were and now what beautiful children they have grown up to be! We were still with a Thailand clinic at this point last year and now were in our 33rd week of pregnancy with Dr S! Congrats again George and still enjoy reading all of your posts x

Sarigirl said...

Sounds like a magnificent day George. Eros & Elektra are just gorgeous.
Paul, Renee,Vinamra & Shivani

shilpi said...

Hi George,

Lots of love to Elektra & Eros.
Have send an e-mail to you on orea_zoi@hotmail.com . Please Revert me ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Hi George,
Its me shilpi.

Hope you all sre doing well.
Could you please send me your current mailing address.I have also send an e-mail on tour e-mail ID.

Looking forward for our reply soon.


The Hui-Wee Family! said...

Very nice post, congrat and Best wishes to you!