Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eros & Elektra's Christening 18 -11 - 2012

Christening was at St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Followed by the Reception held in a private musium
  Full of 
Antique Fairground Equipment, Mechanical instruments,
Animated organs & Gypsy Wagons from all over the world & 100s of years old. 
A night full of Laughs, Good Food, Great Company, Entertainment, Dancing, Rides.

Church Ceiling Dome

 Anointing oil 

Eros in his traditional Indian outfit with his Godfather
A big thank you to Dr Shivani & Shilpi 

Elektra in her traditional Indian outfit with her Godmother
Again thank you Dr Shivani & Shilpi

Church Alter

Eros Geting Baptised 

Elektra Getting Baptised

Elektra getting dressed in her Christening outfit 

Eros in his Christening outfit 

The 200 year old organ


Dessert Table

 Christening Cakes

 Dessert Table

 Eros & Elektra with God Parents cutting the cakes


 Elektra & Cousins riding the Carousel

Elektra, Eros & me on the carousel

 Magician & Ducks 

 Fire Breather

 Elektra & Me

 Eros Helina Poppy& Me

 Eros & Me

Elektra & Me


Tigerlilycat said...

Wow, you certainly know how to throw a party!! The twins are divine. And nice to see a photo of daddy too.

George said...

Thanks Tigerlilycat :)

Shakti Rose said...

Amazing party, the twins are gorgeous. Thankyou x

Doug and Bill said...

One word: FABULOUS!
And I agree it's nice to see a photo of Daddy.
Thanks for updating all of us! The happiest of holidays to you and your beautiful family.

The Heffernan's said...

Oh I so wish I could have been there to see this in real life. Amazing. Well done.

Gee said...

wow amazing pictures, looks like a lovely day had by all.

Mary said...

wow it looks like you all had a wonderful day, Eros and Elactra have grown so big and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Critty said...

Wow what an amazing experience. You guys definatly know how to celebrate life. WEll DONE!