Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas day i woke up early 
had to write a few cards, make sure a dessert i prepared was ok,
and wrap a few presents
Drove to my parents house for christmas lunch
And had a wonderful day with the family
I came back home about 5pm and sat on the couch with my laptop,
Pressed the start button, 
I needed to send a few emails to international friends.
Next thing i know i was woken up at 7.30 pm by the door bell
I totally crashed out 
no emails were sent
i didn't even recall seeing the screen start up
At the door was my neighbor  asking if i had any news,
After a little chat  and no real news to tell I came back into the house 
to the sound of my mobile notifying me of yet another SMS
thought to myself another generic Christmas greeting lol.

i retrieved the message
A note from Dr Shivani

I called Dr Shivani
laughing & wanting to cry as i asked a few questions
she laughed with me 


What a Christmas present.
It has been the best christmas of my life
full of
and ultimate
i am the happiest man in the world !


Todd said...


What a wonderful Christmas surprise for you! You started with such a strong beta, and sure enough, one more was in there waiting to bless you even more! Congratulations!

Johnny and Darren said...

Wonderful news George.

Congratulations & Merry Christmas

Amani said...

OMG!!! How did that happen???? I am overjoyed for you (and me) ... goes to show sometimes the little sacs don't all show up at once. wow, what amazing news and what a complete brain blow!!! And two heartbeats!!!

Merry Christmas DADDYY!!!!!!

George said...

brain blow isnt the word
i was at best expecting 1 at worst none
im thrilled
my mother was laughing
im still in shock lol

crystal said...

Congrats to you!! What a way to start the new year.

Tigerlilycat said...

FANTASTIC news George. Here's hoping for a very smooth pregnancy as you are going to have your work cut out for you once they arrive!!

jojo said...

That's such great news! Well done George. Double trouble - K-pow!