Monday, December 28, 2009


Aisha is well and doing a great job looking after herself and taking meds on time, 
Although she has been severely nauseated
She has been given anti emetics and will know how she is coping this week, 
She will be assessed for the   admission and intravenous meds

Next scan is in 2 weeks

Twin 1: heart rate 126 Bpm
CRL 3mm corresponding to 6 weeks

Twin 2: heart rate 132 Bpm
CRL 2mm corresponding to 5 weeks 5 days


Gemway said...

Hey There,
We are pregnant at 10 weeks with Twins with Dr S as well. When I saw your beta level I thought it may be indicative of twins as it was double ours but just crossed my fingers for you !!
That is amazing news. The ride really starts to get crazy from here. Best Wishes from Brisvegas.

George said...

WOW can it get any more crazy? lol

jojo said...

Woohoo! Your twins look beautiful! xxx

Todd said...

Wonderful!!! Like I commented in the SI forum, hope your SM gets past this bout of sickness soon -- the twins definitely makeit harder on her, but it should ease in the weeks ahead.

tjudle said...

Great stats! Sorry your SM is having such trouble. Double the paid, but twice the reward!

Amani said...

Oooh, they are so pretty. Two weeks time they will take shape and at your ten weeks scan they will be baby shaped.

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

Just read your blog what fantastic news. Twins!
I'm so excited for you.

Doug R said...

hey george, i just read your last two posts and it made my happy that you are doing so well this time around. good luck with everything and happy new year. peace!