Sunday, July 25, 2010

LOOK! No tubes and yes we have lips

having a big yawn



How big are those eyes
Who is this man looking at me ?


Kerrie and Mark said...

They look soooo good!! Glad to see they are stronger. Adorable!!!

Lynn Cameron said...

Adorable! And look at those lovely, chubby cheeks! How wonderful!

.jon said...

Oh how precious! They look amazing. I hope you can go home soon with your new family. Thank you for the updates.

Sarigirl said...

Hi George,
Eros and Elektra have grown so much. They're absolutely gorgeous. Hope that you all get home quickly and safely.
Paul and Renee

Mary said...

They are looking so good now. I am so happy to see that they are growing and becoming stronger every day.

Ula and Saul said...

So cute. It's amazing and heart worming to see them like this. They are perfect!

Johnny and Darren said...

Simply beautiful photos. What angels!