Friday, July 9, 2010

More pics from the Wonderful Shilpi

weight 1 kg 40 grams a gain of 120 grams in 1 week

weight 1 kg 20 grams, a gain of 130 grams in 1 week


Anita said...

Beautiful, just beautiful babies!

Todd said...

Your son and daughter are looking great! I am very happy for you on their great progress of the past month! With those kinds of weight gains last week, their progress is going to start to accelerate... bringing you closer to being reunited!

.jon said...

They look great! Keep up the photos.

What kind of formula are they giving them? Lactodex for Preemies? The higher the calories per oz/ml, the better, they will put on weight faster.

George said...

thanks all :)
Jon i took over s26 premgrow a new preemie formula and asked them to use it ( im not sure if they have )