Saturday, July 24, 2010

Step by Step

Thanks everyone for your warm thoughts and support, 

Im going a little nuts pacing my room at the Lotus wishing time would speed up lol and then slow down again when the 3 of us get home lol

Eros & Elektra now have Birth Certificates,

Met with the lawyer to get all that side in order,

Going to get pics of Eros and Elektra today for DNA reports & passports

 (how do you get a baby to keep there eyes open? lol)

DNA tests 11 am monday, had to organize an ambulance to transport them to the Dr's practice

A big 

to Shilpi for all her patience and support 

you are wonderful 

thanks again everyone 



tjudle said...

Hopefully there won't be too much more pacing and wishing. Oh, wait. You're dad now so I guess that probably never ends, huh? :)

Mary said...

Good news George. They are getting so big and gaining good numbers on the scale. We are thinking of you and praying that everything will continue to go fine.
Soon the three of you will be home.