Monday, July 5, 2010

One Month Old Today!

News from the wonderful Shilpi is
Both are tolerating their feed.
They are maintaining body temperature.
They have no Apnea / Bradycardia Episodes. No other abnormality has seen till today.

Eros: weight-890 grams, HC- 26 CM, LENGTH:36 cm.

Elektra: weight-920 grams, HC-26 CM, LENGTH:36 cm.

They had both dropped in weight after birth to around 760 grams each
so they are progressing well
Typically Elektra being a girl is doing better
Now all they need is to get the Suck, Swallow Breath reflex happening.
Thanks to the team looking after my children,
also Shilpi, Dr Shivani & Dolly


crystal said...

That is wonderful news.

.jon said...

Hi George
Thanks for continuing to provide updates, a lot of people are rooting for you and your family.
Glad to hear that they are gaining weight, they are on their way. Our twins were preemies too, born 1.6kg, so we understand how nerve-wrecking the weight issue can be. Each weighing and sign of gain can be a huge relief. Try not to get too worked up about this - I know it's hard - just keep sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. One step at a time. Babies are remarkably resilient.
Take good care of yourself...
Warm regards

Ula and Saul said...

George, thanks for the update. Electra and Eros have a special place in my heart - since I am too expecting twins and being a twin sister myself - I relate to you and your kids. It's with huge relief that we can read about all the good progress of your babies. Can't wait for you to go back and hold them in your arms.
Also was wondering how are you going to celebrate their birthday - the day they were born or their due date? Just asking since I've read that there are 2 options for it.

George said...

thanks all for your kind words and warm thoughts
it means the world to me knowing so many people all round the world have my children in good thoughts.
as for celebrating it will be the day they were born, nothing will replace that amazing day i became a father of two beautiful children

Ula and Saul said...

That is exactly how I would do - and you will be the greatest dad no doubt - the three of you are so fortunate to have eachother. We wish you only all the best things!

Edward said...

Sounds like good progress!!! We'll continue to keep your beautiful family in our daily thoughts!
It is absolutely amazing to see how they have progressed....keep the updates coming.

Doug R said...

So good to see they are making progress!

Will and Michael said...

George this is great news and I am sure it will not be long before you are back over with your babies. You are all in our thoughts. Keep us posted and ask for some more baby pics!!

jojo said...

I'm so glad things are looking so good for you George! Your babies are beautiful!