Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally we have takeoff !

Baby wipes Check!
Baby clothes Check!
Wraps Check!
Formula Check!
Paper work kinda Check!
Accommodation Check!
Flights at %#@$*$ last Check!
Airport transfer Check!
Sanity ..... Pass!

Land in Delhi monday
bolt to the hospital my feet never touching the ground
i want to feel my children in my arms!
And get them back home as soon as possible!


Anita said...

Good News George!!! Your babies will know their dad as soon as you hold them. Also if you can, do as many kangaroo cuddles as you can- they are so, so important for premmies and also for the parents-helps stabilise their body temps and of course bonding.

Good luck & safe journey. I'll be lurking for more news and of course more pics of those gorgeous bubbies

tjudle said...

Safe and speedy travels to you. Big kisses for Eros and Elecktra. Post more pics, too! :)

Mary said...

Wonderful George! Have a safe trip and enjoy your first meeting with your adorable children.

Please post more pictures. BTW I love their names, Eros & Elektra!

coco said...

i'm with you all the way

Jason and Adrián said...

Best of luck, George! (I'm holding off on congrats until they're home and safe!)

jojo said...

that's wonderful news! hooray! make sure you take lots of photos for us.


CharlieCat said...

can't wait for that first photo of you holding the twins,thank you for sharing the details,

Oddity Acres Clan said...

You now have the whole world in your arms.
Congrats and love to you on this special day of meeting your babies face to face.