Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here are the only pics i have of Eros and Elektra
Eros born 800 grams
Elektra born 840 grams
they are stable at the moment
i hope and pray they thrive real fast
Im waiting for my visa to come so i can get over to see them
feel so helpless here half way round the world
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers


CharlieCat said...

George, you babies are beautiful. You and yours have been in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that you get to meet them soon,

Anita said...

George I've been following your blog. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful babies. Their pics reminded me of my son- he was born at 25 weeks and 650 gms. He is a beautiful, healthy nearly 4 year old. These premmies are tough little things and I send all my best wishes and prayers to them. I hope you can get to their side ASAP. Anita

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

Congratulations, they look beautiful. Wishing you a speedy journey.


PS love the names

Anonymous said...

All of you are in my thoughts. Your babies are beautiful, and I hope they thrive.

Terry & Steve said...

You have been on my mind all day. Only now how time to log in and check on you. So glad you posted. Safe travels and know you are in our prayers. I can't stop looking at the pictures and I am not even their daddy so I know you must be in awe.

You are a Dad!!!

Amani said...

Oh wow, George these beautiful little souls. I love them! I'll bet you do too. The glad wrap is just a new born fashion accessory. They look healthy and calm and well cared for ... hope you can there asap.

Doug R said...

I'm so happy for you. Thinking good thoughts and a speedy journey to you!

Will and Michael said...

Congratulations Dad!!! We hope you get there soon to be with your beautiful little babies.

We will keep all three of your in our thoughts, please keep us posted.