Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My children are in the only level 5 NICU unit in north india due to them being so premature, this unit does nothing else but care for preemie babies, no birthing no nothing else but the highest level of care for these pre term babies.

The unit is very busy and small so time spent is minimal, i got to hold them for a few minutes, it is too risky to handle them too much as the babies immune system is low.
All i can really do is look at them, and saying that im only in the way of the doctors and nurses doing what they have to do.
There is nothing else i can do at this stage and it will be like that for another few months.
After a discussion with the doctors it is considered best i go back home and put all my faith and trust in the doctors to do what is best for Eros & Elektra.

This saddens me greatly but they are in good hands, and me being stuck in an apartment for the next few months with limited contact will drive me crazy.
Being so helpless, what i have mentioned above and the unit being so far away from anything its unrealistic i can be with them for more than a few minutes at a time every few days.

Not all babies will need this kind of care, each baby will have different requirements and level of care, some may spend a few days in NICU others weeks, it all depends on how early they come and what care they need.
Eros & Elektra were born the same time but required different levels of care and treatment, they are progressing amazingly well considering they were born at 29 weeks.

Dr Shivani's team of Doctors and staff are wonderful, Shilpi and Dolly have been amazing.
I cant wait for this time to pass and have my beautiful Son & Daughter home with me.
Till then i have utmost trust in the amazing people that are looking after them.
My heart and soul will be separated from my body in two different countries 1000s of kilometers apart.


coco said...

this is so beautiful and amazing. i have been anxiously awaiting your post as i know you have been traveling. thank you for sending the photos of the babies. yes they are preemies but they both look strong and judging by the size of eros foot, he's going to be a big one. your daughter is already daddy's little girl, see how she batted those eyelashes at you. this all brings tears to my eyes. thank you so much for sharing. continued prayers and hugs for you all.
p.s. you better go back home and start preparing for their arrival. now that you've met there is so much to do

.jon said...

To the contrary, a piece of your body, heart and soul now also exists in two other human beings. You are no longer alone or separated my friend and shouldn't feel that way. So when you get back home and you listen to your heartbeat each day, you must remember it is no longer a solitary heartbeat and there are two more hearts beating in synchronicity with yours.
You will all be fine.

jojo said...

I know how much you trust in your doctors - I feel the same way too. Although it will be difficult for you, I really feel you're making the right decision.

Hopefully I will see you in India when we fly out in early-mid August.

All the very best to you and your babes

Jo xxx

Anita said...

George, as hard as it seems, I believe that's the right decision for you. And your babies know their dad loves them very much and that's the important thing. And obviously they're in the best hands possible for now, until they're ready to go home with you

Kerrie and Mark said...

I imagine this is such a difficult decision, but I think I would do the same if I were in your shoes. Your babies are in the best of care and just need time to grow, and you can't really help. Ugh..I feel for you.