Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The latest update is:

Eros is off the vetillator and on something called C pap -- which means that he is breathing on his own,

and also given some liquids by mouth

Elektra is going to need blood tranfusion today so one of Dr Shivani's staff will be going to donate blood and is till on the ventilator ( truly amazing of her) 
Elektra is on feeding by intravenous fluids -- not strong enough for oral feeds

Dr Shivani's words:
They are really in the best of care that can be provided to preterm newborns -- and are being looked at by consultants round the clock, not just junior resident doctors -- which is the speciality of DNC and also one to one nursing with very experienced nurses with the latest of techniques

So many people here are praying for them including my entire family and the staff of SCI.

i cant thank Dr Shivani and her team enough

my wonderful surrogate was upset that she couldn't carry to full term,
she is is well and will be discharged tomorrow 

thanks so much for everyone here on this forum for there support 
and also the wonderful Dr Shivani and her great staff


Kerrie and Mark said...

Many prayers coming from Canada. Thanks for the update, and I beleive your little ones are in the very best of hands.

jojo said...

You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank God for Dr Shivani and her wonderful team.

Please keep us updated.


Oddity Acres Clan said...

We are praying for you all.
Much love from us

Stephaniekb said...

Your little ones are in my thoughts and prayers. Sounds like they are getting the best of care. Hope you are able to get there very quickly.

Anita said...

oh that's great news that Eros is now on the C-Pap. Premmies often need blood transfusions, I remember my son had a few during his NICU stay.
George, your babies are tough little things. My prayers are with them and you.

Ula and Saul said...

You and your babies are in our thougth. We are so glad that they have the best care possible.
Good news with Eros, and your daughter will get stronger soon too.
I can't imagine the stress you're going through. Hope you will join your adorable children soon.
With love, Ula and Saul

Amani said...

Wonderful Eros is off the ventilator. Fantastic. We're all here for you and your babes. xxx

coco said...

congratulations indeed! i didn't want to make you nervous but i knew the babies weren't going to wait until full term... however they look healthy and so beautiful. as dr. shivani says, "no worries" i am so happy for you. i know you can't get there fast enough! please keep us informed

chellebelle said...

Our little boy was ventilated for 6 weeks and on cpap for 4, then oxygen around the house for 8 weeks when he was born prem. He Is now a fit and healthy 10 year old! Our nurse told us wisely that babies dont know how to die they only know how to live and i think that is a beautiful way to think. Your babies will be fine and our love and prayers are with you.

Doug R said...

It sounds like you are getting some wonderful care from the docs in India. Thinking good thoughts...they babies are so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Todd said...

That is a very positive sign that Eros -- your smaller baby -- is already progressing to the CPAP and taking some feeding. I'm sure Elektra will be right there with him soon.

Our twins (which were much larger and 4-5 weeks older than yours at birth) were both on CPAP and IV support initially... I think yours will be well beyond all of this in 4-5 weeks. Hang in there. We are all pulling for you.